Tag: Linux

  • Bash Script: MemUse

    Quick useful function to get all of the memory in use by a process or set of processes from a bash prompt: memuse() { arr=`ps aux | grep -E $1 | grep -v grep | sed -e ‘s/[^ \t]*[ \t]*[^ \t]*[ \t]*[^ \t]*[ \t]*//’ | sed -e ‘s/[ \t].*//’` sum=0 for i in $arr do […]

  • Sync + Backup

    Sync + Backup

    Let’s talk about backup and sync. In this modern, ever-connected world of ours we are constantly consuming and generating digital content. It is of the utmost importance that the most recent version of your data is constantly accessible and that your data is resilient to hardware failure. It is simply a fact of computing that […]