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  • nixCraft: 30 Cool Open Source Software I Discovered in 2013

    A great article on some very cool open source tools.

  • June 02, 2013

    Go check out June 02, 2013 from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (updated daily). sharing from Google Reader

  • Bash Script: Histogram

    Second bash script of the day!  This one will histogram the field of a given CSV file numerically.  Optionally, you can specify which field and a precision (which is really just a number of characters, not truly a precision). histogram() { if [ $# -lt 1 ] then echo “Usage: histogram [field] [precision]” return 0 […]

  • Bash Script: MemUse

    Quick useful function to get all of the memory in use by a process or set of processes from a bash prompt: memuse() { arr=`ps aux | grep -E $1 | grep -v grep | sed -e ‘s/[^ \t]*[ \t]*[^ \t]*[ \t]*[^ \t]*[ \t]*//’ | sed -e ‘s/[ \t].*//’` sum=0 for i in $arr do […]

  • Holy Syntactic Sugar Batman

    I’ve never written any Scala code before today, but it has Python-esque mapping methods and ranges that enable you to do some things in very little code. For example, this code instantiates an array of vertex objects each containing an array of edge objects from a CSR (off, ind, wgt) graph: val verts = (0 […]

  • How a dial-up modem handshake works

    Go check out How a dial-up modem handshake works from Hack a Day. sharing from Google Reader

  • Steroids

    Go check out Steroids from sharing from Google Reader

  • Soundtrack to Exam Studies

    Exploring electronic music on Band Camp following links starting with the Monome Community Remix Christmas albums Volume 1 Volume 2 and MCRPv11. This lead into Tennyson and Chili.  Then modulogeek.

  • Photo Wall Done Riktig

    Go check out Photo Wall Done Riktig from IKEA Hackers. sharing from Google Reader

  • When I’m Immortal, You Will All Know Why

    There’s a fantastic article over at The Atlantic entitled “The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like”.  Go read it.