Venice Photos are Up


Jean and I took a trip to Venice in late June / early July (along with a day trip to Florence by train to see the David and the Ponte Vecchio).  Oded Green and I had a paper accepted into the International Conference on Supercomputing 2012, and Jean decided we had to make a longer trip out of it.  Venice is an absolutely beautiful city (especially in the evening and at night).  We were there for more than a week in total.  We saw more museums (from 15th century painting through avant-garde modern sculpture) and churches than I care to count, and I still feel like we didn’t quite see it all.  I took roughly 1,800 pictures or so, but I figured no one wanted to look at that many and most of them weren’t very good.

Anyway, you can see the top 447 photos here (in chronological order – the times are off by 6 hours).

For the record, the conference was also quite good.  Interesting talks on everything from memory designs that dynamically eliminate redundancy to GPU modeling and applications to software stacks for resilience.

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